Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Ramblings to bide you on this dreary Tuesday:

- I am contemplating a meal delivery service. Gosh that sounds super snooty when I type it but we need to eat in more, yet I am having a hard time finding the motivation to meal plan and carve out time. I got the idea from reading Megan's post and narrowed it down to two possible companies, Plated or Hello Fresh. Truthfully when you spell out the costs for two people a week, it is not too bad. This is not something I would order all the time but would be perfect for those busy weeks or weekends to come.

- I can't decide if I should be a morning or evening person... and in being one or the other I mean work out during that time. I love to sleep... like L.O.V.E. it. I also love to not feel a fat roll every time I sit (just being honest here). I am much more "awake" in the evenings but it is 9:00 before I get done doing all the household chores that need to get done. Any advice?

- I love the debate and long-standing tradition of our nation's politics. One of my best experiences was interning for our state's governor one summer. But, were people raised in a barn these days? Didn't your momma tell you to never discuss politics, religion or money? Done.. and off that soapbox. (Don't you love all these Southern laced sayings?)

- I am about to jump on the one-piece bandwagon. They are so darn cute and cover up this mom bod (back to the second bullet discussion above). This one is super cute but I would rather have a dress or shoes for this price.

- Mary Tilman is on the verge of crawling. Stop time! Like seriously stop so I can prepare myself for baby-proofing our entire house.

- I am going to Charleston this weekend for the bestie's bachelorette and I am so excited, as if my basement full of pink, tassels and glitter isn't an indication. I have never been and if it is anything like my new favorite show, Southern Charm, then we are going to have a blast. Just tell my heart not to break as we pull out of the drive from the hubs and baby girl for a few days.

- Sometimes you just need a good quote to put things in perspective, and we all know I love a good quote.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Lilly hits the Target

If you didn't already know, Target has teamed up with Lilly Pulitzer for a new collaboration, launching this Sunday, 4/19. It is no secret that Target could be my favorite store, as strange as that sounds. Where else can I buy diapers, a bathing suit and a gold end table all under the same roof?

When it comes to Target collaborations, crazy people come out. I literally saw one lady clean the shelf during the Missoni launch a few years ago. You know she was just going to sell that stuff on eBay and make a 200% profit.

What I am about to say may shock some people... I don't own an ounce of Lilly Pulitzer clothes... shocking I know! I have some precious wine glasses I got from my sister-in-law for Christmas but not one bit of clothing. Maybe being in a sorority crammed as many bright floral prints into four years as humanly possible, so I ran away as fast as I could from anything remotely resembling a spring patterned shift. It could also be that 45% of my closet consists of black (season regardless) and I usually dart from anything printed instantly.

But, I have come to embrace the bright florals frocks and this new Target collaboration has me plotting my shopping plan (which I just so happen to be at a bachelorette party this weekend so I will most likely be awake during the online launch). So if you see my sporting my Lilly this summer, you know that A) it probably came from Target and B) I have finally learned to embrace color!

View all the styles here.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Mary Tilman: 7 Month Update

A little late to the game again... but only by a week this time.

Weight: 16.5 pounds (you lost a little weight when you got sick earlier this month)

Height: 17 1/2 inches (you are in the 98% percentile, so length is what I am worried about when it comes to clothes these days)

Sleep: Still rocking in the sleep department. My favorite is when we have to wake you up in the morning and you groan and moan at the thought. I have a feeling this may be a fore-shadowing of your school age years.

Clothes/Diapers: You can still fit in some of your 6 month clothes but we are primarily wearing 9 months (again, just for length). Diapers are still at size 3 and from the weight range on the box it looks like we will stay this size for a while.

Diet: You love to eat and get quite mad when it doesn't happen fast enough. We have tried pretty much every solid food recommended for this age and you seem to love/tolerate it all.

Milestones/Firsts: On a sad note, you got your first ear infection and you made it a double! The worst part was truly the side effects from the medicine on your little tummy. You have also learned to stand up (while assisted of course). You also joined a new class at school and seem to be doing just fine. It probably made me more sad than anything because you are growing too fast.

Likes: Your thumb, your doggies, videos of yourself (this has been a blessing when you get cranky), bath time, standing up

Dislikes: Car rides over two hours (makes driving home just a joy), changing into your pajamas

Thursday, April 9, 2015

New Faves

Shopping is a luxury that I did not partake in last year, being pregnant and all. This year I realized I am in dire need of new "mom" trends. I am easing back into the fashion world but here are some new favorites (really the only anything "new" in my closet).

Piperlime Top - This blouse had me at pom-pom and embroidery
Loft pants - These are perfect for work, so perfect that I ordered another pair
Banana Republic LBD - I needed some new "nice" dresses for upcoming parties; this one is perfection
Banana Republic Dress - The mustard color is fun and the style is pretty flattering for this post-baby bod